Once and for all game stat project


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I just got out of AP computer science so I feel like I can take on the world one C++ program at a time (pronounced: n00b). I want to make a series of patches that can be applied to games to make them nicely output important stats to the 634. The entire series will be open source, because I'm surely not alone in my fondness for free stuff. My game priorities will be:
Unreal Tournament 2
Unreal Tournament (and Tactical Ops)
Counter Strike (if it's still being played when I get to this point on the list)
Tribes 2
more to come....

Unfortunatly I'm still limited by being completely new to development so I'm asking for links to usefull resources that can aid me in my quest for a general well written free patch to output stats to a 634. Thanks for your help

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CF Mark

Make it run in the tray and give data to other apps via shared memory.
If you do it this way, ill could quite easily make the current version of CrystalControl get the stats and put em on the LCD like normal.


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Can I add one to the Priority list, Pretty Please!

Please Check out AmericasArmy.com

Download and enjoy the U.S. Army's new fps, "Americas Army". Its a free download and its based on the newest Unreal Warfare engine.

AA has funding for 5 more years of development and its free so it has already developed a huge following and threatens the big time shooters.

Please, Please make AA support a priority.

I can get the present CC stats support to function in AA using UT settings, but not functions are available or work proplerly.

using this support requires manualy entering the servers ip into CC and CC must then update the info from the server periodicaly. this consumes network bandwidth.

your proposed method of getting the needed info directly from the game instead of the downloading it from the game server has several advantages.

Thanks for your time.