On screen display not going away


New member
when crystal fontz loads after the splash screen loads the on screen view on the LCD (like the one from the settings but with nothing around it) comes up and stays on the screen on top of everything else. It also happens after i have the settings open, i close the settings and everything around it goes but the view of the screen stays.

Right clicking the screen does nothing or gives u no option and does clicking anything around it, there is nothing in the task manager that i can see running and the only way i can get rid of it is to left click it then hit alt+F4.

I can't see any settings for this and my friends LCD doesn't do it and we
ve been though the settings and cant find anything about it

p.s it just started doing it one day, never did it at the start

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CF Mark

Right click on the tray icon, up the top of the menu for the module, there will be an option for "SimLCD". Toggle that off.