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I have a 16x2 LCD it;s a older model that i got from a kit when I ordered a tempature set.. However I want to change it to a OLED type since where it's going it will be outdoors inside a car with high temps.

how would it look on this display?


Or this one


Would I still get two lines of text?
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The OLED modules that we currently manufacture are graphics modules and honestly will not work as a drop in replacement for a 16 x 2 character display without some major re-coding of the application and the communications portion of the circuit. We've not yet had the opportunity to see how the OLED's perform outside yet -- so we honestly can't say if they will washout or be readable. With some work, they could easily display a couple lines of text. The current selection of OLED displays do not have a CGROM so character generation would need to be in the code.

If you need a replacement 16 x 2 display, all of our LCD modules are "wide temperature" -- meaning they have operational characteristics of -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F). I would recommend a positive mode display (dark characters on a light background) for best performance outdoors as the negative mode displays (light characters on a dark background) will have a tendency to wash out and be hard to read.

Do you have any information on the display you currently have? We may be able to find you a suitable replacement with the parts that we have in stock. Here is a search result for 16 x 2, Positive / Transflective, with parallel interface: