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Old cell phone display panels


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Is there a use for old cell phone displays ? I have a few cell phones that have good display panels but I haven't heard of any mods for them.
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I write abuot same nokia cell phone lcds. Nokia 3310's

The 3310 lcds are actualy called LPH7779, LPH7677 or LPH7366.

The LPH7779 and LPH7677 have 8 pins:

pin1 V+
pin2 Sclk
pin3 Sda
pin4 DorC
pin5 Cs
pin6 Gnd
pin7 Vout(DC/DC voltage converter)
pin8 Reset

The LPH7366 has 9 pins:

pin1 V+
pin2 Sclk
pin3 Sda
pin4 DorC
pin5 Cs
pin6 Osc (32768Hz external clock)
pin7 Gnd
pin8 Vout(DC/DC voltage converter)
pin9 Reset

- LPH7679 => 8-pin pinout
- LPH7666 => 9-pin pinout
- ECM-A-1091 => 9-pin pinout

Above display models are found in the following phones:
- Nokia 3210
- Nokia 3310
- Nokia 3330
- Nokia 5510
- Nokia 5110
- Nokia 6110
- Nokia 6150
- Nokia 8210
- Nokia 8850