nuts they say


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I want to use at least 10 screens, 2x20/2x16

I have a 633 the LCD is hard to read (red color)

I have seen an FFSTN lcd and it is much better to

read as the black/background is very dark and helps

visibility and to me looks better too.

Would it be possible to have a special order for

FFSTN lcd's from the factory instead of the ones

that are currently being used for the 633 ?

I would like red on black background

OK, this next question is a doozy..

What about a 20 row (yes, 20) lcd ? width to fit

into PC bay area, around maybe 5" or so.

It would require software management too so that

means customization.

I can see this a bit way over the top but can it be

done within practical means. ie very expensive or just plain whacko ?

Please let me know of what are good options

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What about a 20 row (yes, 20) lcd ? width to fit into PC bay area, around maybe 5" or so.
I think the only way to get a "20 row" display is to use a graphic panel, and use a character size such that 20 rows of text will fit the height. For a 5" high display area, each row would be about 1/4 inch tall. This would require a controller board, using your favorite cpu, that would take commands over a serial or USB port (from yet another piece of software), and send the data to the display.

Thats a two-part programming project, but the hardware could be off-the-shelf.


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20 rows lcd

where would I need to look for such a graphic display ?

I meant 5" width to fit into a PC drive bay area, so 20 rows x 5.25"

Finding a suitable display will be a real chore. Keep in mind that you have to allow room for the display frame in the drive bay area, so the actual active area of the screen will be a lot smaller. The frame may take about 1/4 to 1/2 inch on each side.

Then you have to consider what the actual resolution you need is; for example, assume that a font that is 20 pixels high is used (a somewhat crude font), then for 20 rows you will need a display that has 400 pixels vertically, and at least that much horizontally. I think a VGA resolution (640 h x 480 v) might be a good choice.

Crystalfontz doesn't have any color displays that are large enough (I assume you want a TFT display, since you are talking about red red red). You might find something by Optrex or look at what Apollo carries I suspect a 6" (diagonal) VGA panel might cost around US$250.

Maybe you can find something surplus cheap, but some displays are intended for video inputs (like in-car viewers or portable DVD players), as opposed to digital inputs.

I think this project is probably going to be expensive, unless you are handy at both electronics and programming.


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as above

Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.

Yeah, I looked at the software side and its just ridiculous. Hardware control too.

Ah well, so be it.


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You could try a small TFT (like the seat headrest kind), combined with a video card that does composite out. Then write a small app to show what you want and drag it to that monitor.