Noritake VFD Pinout??


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I have Noritake VFD with 18 pins but I cannot find a datasheet on it, not even on noritakes website.

The model is CU40025SCPB-U2A

Anyone have any ideas?
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I think a better description may be in order. Is it a bare tube (i.e. pins coming out of the glass), or mounted on a board with controller chips, etc.

Maybe you can find a series that is similar, and hope that the interface is the same.


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It is on a controller board. I went to Noritakes website and found one similar but the pins were different. I will post a picture of it, maybe that will help.


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Here are the pictures, any ideas?

Also, in the corners on the front of the screen it looks burnt, is this normal?

On Noritake's site,, it sez:
CU40025SCPB-W6J is recommended to replace CU40025SCPB-U1J,
nothing about a U2A. But it sez also that these are intended to be replacements for LCDs. So I think the extra 4 pins (15-18) can be ignored (notice that the land area surrounding those 4 holes is much smaller). Just use pins 1-14 like on any character LCD display. You can download a data sheet if you feel like registering your private info.

Also notice that these suckers draw 330 mA.