no display on 633


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I've tried every piece of software I can find the only one that does anything is I can see the temp read outs, controll the fans and adjust the contrst and brightness. the dispaly shows blocks or version and firmware info but I can't get it to show anything usefull. If I click the button that says F=0, int temps the dispaly changes to

Module Reset

When I try crystalcontrol 0.92 build103 all I get is a display of blocks the virtual LCD will show the correct data but just blocks on the LCD. I can't change the contrast or brightness.

What am I doing wrong? I want to use MBM5 to monitor the temp and fan speeds how do I get it to do that with the 633?

Guess I should add I'm running windows 2000 Pro
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CF Mark

I think youve got the contrast setting too high.
A setting of around 17 seems to work best for my 633.


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I did have the contrast to high

I was using the slider in CC just like the slider in the test app and expecting the results to be imediate. I had tried hitting the test button before but the reason I din't think it worked was I didn't have the contrast set in the right range. I realized this when I looked at the display at an extrem angle to the side and saw the data changing. so I set the display to 17% and hit test and now it works.

Only now I have a diffrent problem. How Do I clear the boot state saved in the test app? It is over writing the dispaly from CC.