Niftyled and Nitylight


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LCD LED same thing. :) The acronym LCD has been blurred so much now I think it's safe to say someone on these forums may be interested in Niftylight, particularly in the software niftyled, which I've used to stream gstreamer inputs to my graphical LCD.

But I'm not using the full power of niftyled. Apparently when building an LED setup, you purchase smaller chunks (4x4 display) to form the full display, however large you want. Nifty's library software connects those LED components together, working to light up all indicated pixels, across all smaller pieces, all at once so as to lessen the flicker. Nifty is designed to upload the bulk of the image payload hopefully well before drawing and "latching" the display, which needs to happen quickly or else there's noticeable flicker. You can imagine what it's like for larger displays.

Here's Niftylight's website:

Here's Niftyled's home:

Note that niftyled is in pre-beta for the most part. Feel free to join #niftylight on if you have any questions.
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