Nice new parallel color backlit 20x4's


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I like the look of those nice CFAH2004A color backlit LCDs you do - but I have a couple of questions regarding them. Obviously, I would need either a serial backpack or a parallel interface to drive them, but other than that:

1. Do they fit into the larger of the two drive bay adaptors that you manufacture (the ones for the serial 20x4 devices?)

2. Can we use the same power supply cable as the serial devices use? Or is this not relevant with parallel displays?

3. Do they have the same feature that I believe your serial displays have in that there is no 'forced' break between horizontal characters - just a software-caused break - allowing horizontal bar-graph displays and similar without any gaps between the character segments?

Many thanks for your help,

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CF Tech


Thanks for your post.

1) The mounting brackets are not designed for the parallel LCDs.

2) The power supply cable for the serial LCDs is not intended to be used with the parallel LCDs.

3) The parallel LCDs have the 5x8 font, with the "break" between the characters. Only the serial LCDs have the 6x8 without the break.

Hope that helps.