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Ok... I have been doing some research on car based mp3 players. I am taking a little different approach in that it will be a self contained mobile system that I can take to the beach, tailgaiting, etc. The Crystalfontz LCD's are no doubt the way to go.

I am wanting to use the serial 634 model, and I have done some looking in the forum and on various sites on this question. So I apologize if I have overlooked the obvious. Since this will be a mobile system, once it is configured I won't have a regular monitor. I want to count on the serial LCD. What or how will control the song selection, playlists, etc of the mp3 player on my setup?? Keyboard, keypad, ????? Will I need to use a different type of LCD for what I am wanting to do??

Thanks and I can't wait to get this project going.

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