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My new custom unit by Voyeurmods is here ---georgeous! Has a 2.04-634 vers.2.0 CrystalFontz.
HOWEVER--I have never used or configured an lcd panel readout.
I downloaded Wintest and Crystal Control--I have now exhausted my knowledge of what to do and how to do it. I am assuming that I can install MBM, SISoft Sandra, Asus Probe or other recommended software and then somehow tranfer the cpu temp--agp temp--mb temp--voltages--etc to where I need it while gaming and overclocking. Would someone please tell me step by step how to accomplish same? The display is nice--have run the demo's etc but-now what?
This is a watercooled Lian Li custom case--looks nice and the display compliments it-however, the info during the benchmarks is most important-Thanks in advance
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Run CrystalControl.
When you do, itll dissapear into the tray.
Right click on the tray icon, select "settings".

Under "LCD Modules" click the "Add" button.
Select "Crystalfontz 634", then select the COM port the LCD is using, and select 19200 as the COM port speed.
Set the backlight to 100%, and the contrast to ~70% (play with these more later).
Ignore the rest for the moment, click OK.

Under "Selected Module Setup", click "Add New Screen". Click the "Load Screen" button.
Navigate to where you installed CrystalControl, go into the directory "Screens" then "20x4".
In that directory, youll find some example screens... load "".

Line1,2,3,4 in the "Screen Setup" window will now be filled with the setup information for those four lines on the LCD.
The information should also now be displayed on the LCD.
Hit the "OK" button.

Click "Add New Screen" again.
To make your own custom screens, first click on one of the Lines you wish to setup.
If you now type some text into the box you selected, itll appear on the LCD.
To view information, select an item under "Avaliable Information", like "Memory Usage->Physical Total", and click the "Insert Tag" button.
The ~tag~ to show that information is then inserted on the line you selected and the information should now also be shown on the LCD.

After doing this, everthing else should be quite easy to work out.



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Thanks for the toddling steps---I can walk a little now--Found MBM in there and now have the cpu tempand various voltages displaying nicely in the LCD--I am sure this is just the first step to editing for other data including streaming market quotes etc--Thanks a million!


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Noobie question here, too. Did I skip a step or miss something?

I'm getting a message that the motherboard monitor is not working??