Newbie needing lots of help!


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I've just built my HT PC. To fit it in, I had to remove my DVD recorder - not a problem dont need it anymore except - I hadn't realised how often I looked at the clock on the front.

What I am looking for is a clock to fit in a 5.25 drive bay - before someone says "why dont you just buy a cheap lcd/led clock" - same reason I built the HT PC. Same reason I suspect that most people are on forums such as this, where's the fun and challenge.:D

In a ideal world it would display the time even with the pc in standby/hibernate but that isn't important.

Everything seems to be geared towards fan speed and cpu temp.

The products here look interesting but I am a little stumped as to where to start.

Any ideas? Thoughts, suggestions.

Thanks in advance
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Good Grief, you're not wrong :D

Thanks, looks just the job.

Now to make it work when my pc is switched off!