Newbie Blue LCD


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Ok, this is where I am...

Goal: Trying to make a Blue Backlite LCD 2 line, perferably CFAH1602B-TMC-JP. The whole reason for this mod is to be able to use the winamp plugin... you know, all black case with tight blue lcd screeen with visuals and song title and everything.

Where I'm at: I don't have a computer yet, i'm building one. I picked out a tight alunimum case Black Aluminum Case 400w but i havn't picked out a mother board or anything else yet.

What i've learned already: Ok, i've seen how the serial works and I don't like how it uses up the only serial port on the compuer, then i've seen that it's possible to make it usb, which is awesome but then i started seeing that it is more complicated, lot's of wiring and well, just plain messy. Then i saw the post about parellel port something or other. Well, there's two things to that... one, i've never really solered before, and two, is that going to damage or conflict with the printer?

All in all as you can see, I have really no clue, and the more i read these post, the more i'm getting lost... so to sum it up, what do i need?

1. Want a blue lcd screen
2. Don't want tons of wiring, try to keep everything internal
3. The whole use of the LCD will before for winamp
4. Keep serial port avaliable (want to add remote control too :)
5. Find out if it will damage or conflict with parellel port
6. If all possible, minumum soldering
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