Newbi needs help plz


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Hi all ,

First of all i want to say sorry for my bad english .... I hope that someone can answer my questions bzw can read em :rolleyes:

Here is my Question :

I configured my new LCD ( 634 ) and when i startup my Pc the startscreen is displayed , but when the software loads , only the curor blinks .... Display didn't show my screens ....

I configured the display how the admin of this forum postet in some other topics , so i can be sure evreything is correct there . also i checked cableconnections --> everything fine there

Plz Help a n00b

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CF Mark

Make sure you are using the correct COM port number by verifying it in the Windows Device Manager.
Also make sure you use the baud rate of 19200 in CrystalControl.


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First of all Thank ya for trying to help me :)

Checked the com port and the spd of the display , seems to be there is all working

I have to say too , that it worked before i disconnected my pc for modding the case , after painting and so i put my pc together and evreythiung works fine but the display not :(

Î Cant see any damage on the display , so i think that it is no hardware problem , could only be software but ....

Maybe someone has an other idea ....

I also reinstalled Crystal Control software but same **** than before ...

greetz MaXPainZ