Newb 633 USB Display issue


New member
Just got the 633 and installed is through usb and loaded the latest drivers and CrystalControl.

LCD screan Displayed as follows

Crystalfontz 633
HW:v1.3 FW:v1.5

When I play around with the crystal control, the program displays my selected module but the actual LCD screen stays the same as before. Nothing I do seems to change the display...

Everying thing seems in order... I'm I missing something here? :confused:

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New member
I received my 633 today and it is setup according to what is listed in device manager. The problem is that the display does not light up. There is no text. I tried using 633 Win_test on the assigned COM port and nothing happens.

What could the issue be?

CF Tech

By default, you need to conect the floppy power cable to the "PWR" connector on the 633.

Did you do that?