New Model 633


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Wow... Model 633 is incredibly cool!! I was wondering if a black mounting bracket was in the works. The only thing that would make this cooler would be to have it use USB instead of RS-232. Why USB?

- Most new motherboards have USB headers on-board, so no need to snake the cable out.

- You could make the unit a little bigger, and add a 4-port USB hub to it, which would give users some front-mount USB ports.

- Motherboards will (sooner or later) cease to have RS-232 ports.
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CF Tech

Thank you for the kind words on the 633.

We will probably have a black bracket out in a month or two.

We thought long and hard about making it USB, but in the end serial won out again. One of our customers has a modified BIOS that reports POST codes, memory size and what not during boot. That may have been more difficult if it was USB, but it was really easy over serial. This is also the reason it is small--to fit in a 1-U chassis.

Look for some USB solutions in the coming months though ;)

Did you find the thread on using the 633 to measure system temps?


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Any chance on a silver or aluminum mounting bracket for those of us with lian li or other aluminum cases? I ordered a white mounting bracket and plan on painting it, but just wondering if that was a possibility


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I just got my 633 - and pretty much the first thing i did was rip off the beige faceplate that was on the mounting bracket. Underneath was some rubber cement which you can peel off by rubbing your thumb back and forth across it.... under that is a fairly nice steel finish which matches my silver case a lot better than the beige face plate. The steel does have some burn marks on it from where i am assuming the laser cut out the holes for the keypad.... but otherwise it looks great!..... I'll post some pictures in the other forum on monday....