New here - forgive dumb questions about SCAB...


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It's been a while since I was on this site. I had a 632 a few years ago. Now I see they have this SCAB thing that lets you control fans. Is that right? What LCD modules does it work with? Will the buttons on the LCD modules control the fan functions? Any package deals, LCDs' and scab, etc? I have a open USB header available on my motherboard, is that where it connects?

Alot of questions, I know. But I'm very interested in this. Thanks!
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CF Tech

The SCAB only works in conjunction with a CFA-631 or CFA-635. It does not plug into the motherboard, only to the back of those displays.

You can order a display plus SCAB by using the Kit Configurator, pick the display, color, and overlay options, then scroll through the interface options, one will include a SCAB and the cables.

By using CC2 and the correct screen from the available screens, you can use the keys to manually control the fan speed. Better is to use the automatic fan control, that will set the speed to what you want for any given temperature.


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Thanks! When I get some extra $$$, one of those kits will be on the way!

Now is there any temperature monitoring software that will work with these?