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I think the LCD's are really cool if you can get them to work. Crystalfontz really should insert the fact on the 633 LCD sales information that you need 3 software programs to just run the temperature readings from the one wire. No where it explains this when looking at the LCD's main feature, nor in the data sheets, dimensions, pricing, etc. What ever happened to plug and play? :confused: :confused: :confused:

All new customers should really call Crystalfontz and ask these questions when it comes to temp monitoring.
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Thank you for your post.

I think perhaps the reason that there is no mention of software may be as simple as: we do not sell software--only hardware.

The CFA-633 is primarily intended to be a front-panel component in an OEM designed system. Generally these OEMs write their own custom applications, sometimes using the example source code that we provide as a starting point.

As an end user, by simply installing CrystalControl, you can use the CFA-633. If you want additional functions, you can install the 633 service. And if you would like, you can install MotherboardMonitor.

You may also want to take a look at our links page, there are other programs that support our hardware.

If you have the USB version of the CFA-633, you do first have to install the USB drivers.

By the way, there is a fair overview of the CFA-633 software in this post.

We hope to release another program shortly that will address some software issues. The price? Still free. Even so, you will still need to install the USB drivers, the new software, and optionally MotherboardMonitor.


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lcds cant be plug and play because windows doesn't support them.

i don't know why your complaining, these lcds are custom, and who cares if you have to run 50 programs to get them running. there totaly worth it.

you should be happy that they even offer the usb drivers and software.


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Hi, I think you should post with the LED sales what a customer, like myself really needs for doing "what". I bought it because it said in the sales pitch that does temperature monitoring using the one wire, so I bought it, then later on find out that I need several softwares, including yours btw to get it to read out. And I am not a programmer by any means. Like millions of others. So if you say it does temp monitoring, you should also include to say that for you to read it, you need MBM and your software 633-monitor. So there is my right to complain, I don't know how to use what I bought now, with all three programs, is kinda confusing on how to set up what and when to open when. I read every article in the forum about 633 in the past 4 weeks, and still have problems. I read other articles about other 633 problems too, same problems like mine. So I was going to incorporate these beauties in 500 custom computers I designed and had manufactured on the mainland, but can't even get the first one to work, and all I want is to just monitor temperature under a glass panel. I spent many hours for something really cool but its not panning out, maybe its for a reason, my customers will go nuts trying to run them. Thank you


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I've bought three LCD's from Crystalfontz. I never once thought that they were going to be plug & play with little to no software setup. As stated before Crystalfontz makes LCD displays. The software is an added bonus.

Maybe you should invest some time to read up on the product you like before you actually make the purchase. Might save you some headache in the future.

On a side note- Keep up the good work Crystalfontz. Cant wait for an OLED kit, hope its in the works!
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I am sorry that you are frustrated with our software offerings.

633_WinTest will display and log the temps with no other programs involved.

If you have the kind of budget that a 500 piece build would suggest, it should be a fairly straight-forward process to hire a capable C programmer for a week to take 633_WinTest, carve out the temperature reading & displaying code and mold that into your own unique application.

If you would be happy with just putting the temperature on the LCD, the CFA-633 can do that without any software involved at all. Just need to use 633_WinTest to set up the live display, save it as boot state, then it will work own its own without any host interaction at all. If you PM me with your e-mail, I can send you a little utility that makes this process quite easy.

I guess where we really need to start is to ask you what you would like the LCD to do. Just explain exactly what you want to happen and where (PC or LCD).