new 633 on Win2k3 svr no life


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I just purchased two 633 kits with internal USB wire. I installed one to a Asus MB running Win2k3 server and the LCD wont come to life.

My install went like this:
installed USB drivers
Installed Crystalfontz app
shut down system
attached LCD wire
rebooted and followed install guide for USB drivers
USB Driver install and said all went well.

what do you think? should it work on Win2k3 server?

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I connected the floppy power cable and its lit up.

I go into the crystalfonts program and setup a few settings to display and all I get is the default factory screen. I've tried both via service and via serial modes for the 633. (I'm connected via USB) I'm sure I'm just missing a step but I sure cant figure out what it is. ???

OOps, yes it does show up just as the image you posted. ;)


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I’ve now installed both of the USB 633 units into two computers. Both running Win2k3 sever.

Shouldn’t I be running these in CC as a Service rather than via Serial? No 633 services to be found anywhere. They are working via serial but with the following steps required.

Steps I had to take to get the USB 633 LCD working with CC ver1.06:
1. installed USB drivers
2. installed CC ver 1.06
3. shutdown and installed LCD, USB and Power cables
4. reboot and finished USB driver install.
5. reboot and launch CC (would not work in either service or serial mode)
6. downloaded and ran the 633 WinTest LCD Demo Software and it worked via serial
7. Once I had run WinTest, CC then started talking to the 633 via serial.
8. needed to play with character contrast and backlight brightness to get a readable display. (Tried several things to resolve this so I cant says which fixed the contrast but I adjusted the system BIOS USB settings, set my USB port speed to 19200 and rebooted. Maybe one or all were needed to fix this contrast problem. This appears to be an issue with CC as WinTest and the default start screen looked fantastic.

These same steps were required to get the USB 633’s to work on both systems. Running WinTest appears to kick start the communication between the LCD and CC.

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CF Mark

The "service" selection is used when your running the separate 633-servce NT software.

CC can talk to the 633-Service to display information in teh normal way.

If your not using the 633-service, "serial" is the correct selection.