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I wanna make a screen where i can watch how many mb of traffic has been through my network, out and in.

There is an screen build in for i,(for an intel card), but that doesent work on my networkcard a realtek rtl8139

All i can get it to show is bytes pr secon og packests pr second, but i really would like to get the screen where i can see total mb since last restart.

Any idea what im doing wrong

Schould look something like this:

Realtek 8139 KB/s
In : xxx xxx
Out: xxx xxx
Total: xxx xxx

This is actually an copy of the build in Intel Nic info screen.

Thx in advance
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CF Mark

Windows NT performance monitor does not keep track of total bytes sent or recvd, so it cannot be displayed.


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I also would like to view traffic in and out in WinXP. LCD center could do it why cant CrystalControl do it?

Thanks for any help!

CF Mark

CrystalControl can....
It wont show totals, but it will show current data rate in bytes per second.

Look under the Performance monitor tree list for whats avaliable.

BTW... the example network screen that comes with CC will not work. Youll have to make your own.
Its only included as an example of screen layout.


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Thanks for the info. I noticed that it will show you whats going in and out at the time but it won't hold the totals. I would like to say that I think the software is great and easy to use. With a little more tweaking it should be all we need and help Crystalfontz sell even more of their LCD's. When I go to lan partys most people are amazed at what I have hooked up in my machine and what it does. I'll keep looking back here for updates.

Thanks Again and keep up the good work!!!:D