Network Info and New Mail Info


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Hi guys, I just got my 634, I love it, looks great in my system. I'm just having a few problems showing Network Card usage, IN/OUT etc and also, I entered my email settings and it doesnt seem to connect or check?

What the heck am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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regarding email checking... if you are using crystalcontrol... it may be this situation...

you would see a notification when there's email in your pop account but not yet downloaded into your PC. The CC software checks any email residing in you POP account, it cannot, however, check any UNREAD emails in your PC. So, if you set your email client (i.e. outlook express) to check and download your email every minute or so, then there's a chance that it was offloaded (deleted) from your POP account even before CC had a chance to check and display the notification.

To verify this scenario, send an email to yourself and immediately shutdown your email client, then after a few seconds, check on the 634 LCD display if it shows any new email notification.

Hope this helps.