net monitor ??


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Hi all...

well i am a little confused here. i have this screen on my lcd ( 634usb ) where i can see how fast i am up/downloading and total /up/downloads. i am using adsl and a raspppoe to connect.
It works fine at the beginning, but suddenly the setting feature is gone in the crystall settings. Ok its not the first time, but i thought it was me installing netframework update from microsoft. but this morning i started up my computer it was gone once more, and i can see that i havent updated my windows since 13.nov. now i reainstall both driver and software. but nothing helps. where does this RAS feature go from the setting menu.
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CF Mark

I have no idea why this happens.
Unfortunatly i also have no control over it as the avaliable perfmon info is controlled by Windows.

Best thing i can think of to help is to try updating your network card drivers.


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Well. i couldn´t fix the problem, so i went for imagefile of winxp..
Ok up and running again, with status over how fast i was up/down loading. 2 days later the network thing was gone again.
And i havent installed any thing that possible could remove it from windows
Any geeks in here who could tell me what to do.