Need Help!


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I just got the 634 us black. I have tried both serial ports with the same result. The screen keeps rolling different fonts. I have tried to talk to it with WinTest and it works but the fonts that come on the screen are not the ones I'm typing. It's like the communication is there but it can't display it right. Please help.

Gigabyte sinxp 1394
2.8 gig Intel
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CF Support

Check a couple of things, the first, and most likely culprit is that the baud rate is not set correctly. You want to check on the back of the 634 that both DIP switches are in the "on" position, and that you are talking to the display at 19200 baud. If this doesn't address the situation, we can open up a support ticket.


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Thanks, Everything is perfect. I don't know why it took so long for me to get a LCD screen, these kick as*.