Need help with USB 634 & Winxp


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Ok, posted in another area, got no replies, hoping SOMEONE here reads this and can help..

I have a 634 USB, and am trying to install the drivers. Every time it finds the hardware, it will refuse to load the drivers. I have pointed it to the directory that I put them in, all to no avail. I set the thing up manually as a serial port which actually seemed to work, but then when I load the crystalcontrol, it refuses to work with the lcd at all. All I get on the screen are a bunch of "}" characters.

*WHAT* do I need to do to install this thing properly? I am using a fresh install of winxp pro. (All drivers for the usb ports are loaded.)
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CF Mark

The bunch of "}" chars is probably becuase you havnt set CrystalControl to use a baud rate of 19200.

Try that.