need help on a HD44780 >>> picks insde!

mi hoen

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need help on a HD44780 >>> pics insde!

ok, i alreaddy posted on this forum about the same lcd screen, i just can't get it running!
yesterday a made some photo's with my digy cam so i can show you guy's my problem. look:

this is the only thing i get on my screen.
if i turn the baclkite on, the black squeres disapear :confused: :(
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To be honest I think your controller is dead. You should have one row of blocks and one empty row when you apply power to the LCD; this shows that the HD44780 has initialised correctly. If you don't get this, there's something odd going on. If you disconnect the data plug and cycle the power, does it still come up with the same thing?

mi hoen

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nope, this is not the case, if i just give the lcd power, nothing appears on my screen.
i have this win test program for my lcd, from CF, and if i hit enter, i see al those strange sings moving verry fast.
i have also a bleu resistor pot, if i tutn it till almost the ens i have the left part of the screen, if i turn the pot metre a little bit ferther, like 0.1 MM the screen shanges from the left to the right :confused: :( weird!
so, what is the controler chip annyway?

mi hoen

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hm..... i used a different mannual, one that doesn't sa that you heve to put a ''R limit'' betwean the potmetre for the backlite and the vb-!
what is it?