Need help for OPTERX's obsolete LCD


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Hi All,

Sorry for creating new same looking thread , but my needs and his needs and solutions are different.

I am having a device with OPTREX's Graphic LCD DMF-5001NYL(datasheet can found at : also included).
Now my problem is this LCD has gone bad and I can not read any thing from this LCD.
so can anybody help me in finding the exact replacement of this LCD which is having
160 x 128 , 20 pin interface , 8-bit data bus, no backlight , 64k RAM .

I am in need of replacement of OPTREX's "DMF-5001NYL" LCD(alternative LCD for this).

Please ask any aditional information required.

Waiting for responses.

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CF Support2

It looks like our CFAG160128B series is similar in size and specifications. We currently manufacture and stock two variants. The CFAG160128B-YYH-TZ:

and CFAG160128B-TMI-TZ:

I noticed that the Optrex's display has a 9:00 o'clock viewing angle. Our displays have a 6 o'clock viewing angle. Our module has the same controller, same pin out, and similar electrical and optical characteristics. The CFAG160128B series should work as replacement.


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Some more queries


Thanks for your quick response.

I have some more queries:-
Does the initialization sequence of DMF-5001NYL and the LCDs you provided are same?

Current requirement for DMF-5001NYL is 20ma and for your LCDs is 40 ma.
Is it ok to connect these LCDs in place of DMF-5001NYL? Correct me if I am wrong.

suppose I place my order on 2nd oct than what is the earliest approximate date
I can get LCD. We are located in chennai,INDIA and
can you provide some value for custom duty also.

Please provide the full pricing for LCDs for 1 piece and for bulk order
(which includes LCD cost + courier charge + custom duty + etc).