Need Help finding a LCD for a specific purpose


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Need Help finding a LCD for a specific purpose.
Im modding out a case, i got 2 5.25 slots open, im looking to get an LCD to fit that spot. i looked at crystalfontz but it seems the only ones that are made to fit in the case arent graphical... i want to display statistical info temperature etc but i also have one very important (to me) modification... it needs to be able to display a graphic of the matrix code falling... just like the screens in the movie i wanna be able to push a button/switch or turn it on in the software to start dropping code on the front of the case...

its very important that it fit in the space of 2 5.25 screens, and that i dont have to physically cut anything to make it fit, i dont feel like it.... i just want to buy it and install it...

oh it also needs to be black background with green lettering

bonus points if you can point me to the software to do this, or anyone else that has done the same...
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Here's my opinion: You will not find anything ready made for this configuration, you will have to do the work yourself or find someone willing to do it for you. This will, as you are aware, require a color graphic lcd. The programming for it will be an extensive project, unless you get a display panel that allows interface to a PC video card, and you have Windows drivers for the display. Then you could set it up as a "2nd monitor".

The matrix lettering is not hard, as there are screen savers with that (I use one myself).

Maybe you can find a surplus color display that was meant for a camcorder, that takes "video" in, and then use a PC graphics card that has video out.
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Cosmicvoid is correct, the only way youll be able to do what you want is with a color LCD "TV" screen.

It has been done many times before:
Buy a LCD TV designed for in-car use (like the ones that are made for headrests).
Use the TV-Out on a newer video card into the LCD TV.
Use multi-monitor mode in windows, and use some kind of screen saver app to display what you want to the second display.


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know any software that forces the screensaver to go to just the second monitor and not the first? cause i have the screensaver :)

i dont know why i didnt think of that, i could rig a pass thru in the back into my graphics card tv out very easily. now i just got measure and find out about attaching it to the front of my case

thanks for your suggestion.