MSP430G2553 talking I2C to CFA533-TMI-KC - One remaining issue


New member
I have been working to get these two working together for the last few weeks. With the help of a quality DSO and large amounts of time, I have everything working fairly smoothly with the exception of one thing.

During debugging, the 533 has regularly been put into an intermediate state due to flaws in my code and many times I am left with the 533 holding SCL and/or SDA low. So when I reset my microcontroller and attempt to restart communications, the 533 has me effectively shut out. The only way I have found to correct the situation is to cycle power to the 533 as well. In a design environment this is reasonable. I am a bit concerned about what may happen in a product release environment though. Is there some way, without having to cycle power, to force the 533 to let go of the lines and reset to a clean state in a situation like this? Or would I be better off to wire up some sort of power interrupt off of an IO pin on my microcontroller? What suggestions might you folks have?
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