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I plan on creating a MP3 server/player with out the use of a monitor, keyboard, mouse combo. I'm looking at Crystal Fontz's 633 as the lcd. I've noticed that the CrystalControl software supports Winamp and displays the track information and times, but with the keypad, will it be able to pause/play, stop, next/previous track, and skip through tracks?
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CF Mark

Simply... no :(
Well not using the 633-Service and CrystalControl anyway.

Im not sure if there is a Winamp plugin that will use the 633...

CF Mark

The easiest way would be to write your own Winamp plugin :(
BTW... someone might have done it in linux, try searching for that.


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I do this somewhat with a 634 and the Markus Zhender winamp plugin.

I have the computer in the basement and the LCD screen in my entertainment system (in an old two bay Sony case). I use Girder and IR Man to use my remote control to control the Plugin and Winamp. Works like a dream! It may not do what you want - but it works for me.

(The machine has WinXP Pro installed so when I need to administer it - I just use remote desktop over my network to login and control the system).


I don't know if it supports the 633... sorry. But on a 634/632 it works great!
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