Mounting options for CFAL12864N-A-B1?


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Howdy Y'All,

I am interested in using the CFAL12864N-A-B1 in a new embedded project.

I am hoping to attach it directly to my PCB but I don't see any convenient method of doing this. I don't see any alignment pins that would go through a hole in the board.

How do you guys suggest mounting this thing? Sticky tape?

Before I proceed, could someone give me guidance on how to physically mount this display?

Thank you kindly!
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CF Tech

Typically it pushes into a "picture frame" style recess around the opening in the front panel.

There is no trouble mounting it with a double-sided adhesive tape to the PCB. There are some industrial products made by 3M that are really good.

This "home" 3M product from Home Depot:

is pretty good. Sticky and tough . . . you only get one chance :)