Mounting on Case, Cables?


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Im going to be using one of the Antec cases with a door covering the drive bays, I want the lcd to be on the door so i can always see it. I think the best way to do that would be with a ribbon cable type thing like ide cables. It could be done with the normal serial cable but that would be more difficult and wouldn't look good.
I made some simple pics(Dont they look proffesional:rolleyes:) to help u understand. The first pic has my artistic rendition:D of what it would look like with both cables(plus the power(red)).

A couple questions now,
1)Where can i get a ribbon serial cable that would work for this?
2)Anybody have any better ideas on how i could mount the lcd on there?(im new to all this stuff)

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If you are making your own cable, you really only need three wires:

RS_232 data in

Tahke a look at this post. It uses multiple conductors of CAT 5, but you can see that there are only 3 signals (look at the RED(+5v), BLACK (Ground), GREEN (RS-232)) color coding.

It should be pretty easy to hide the 3 conductors.


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Ok, but i really dont want to make my own cable.
I guess my question is just: Can i get a ribbon serial cable?Where?
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