Mounting Bracket for the 633 in Black


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Hi I was just wondering whether you can get the Mounting Bracket for the 633 in black instead of that generic computer case color?
If not I will just have to paint it my self ;)
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In case you didn't catch it, the CF site has posted a black 633 bracket.

Here is the link:

look at the last picture. I'm not sure if that is a 'real' photo of a black bracket or has been 'photoshoped' while the units are in production. Either way a black bracket is now available.

Now, if they would add a negative display option for the black units and a 4x20 unit we'd be in great shape.

CF Tech

That is a real photo. But you are right, it is not a real good photo.

We will work on that other stuff in our spare time :)