Mounting a 634 upsidedown?


New member
The problem: 634 to be mounted behind the top right of a case window. This series LCD shows circuit board more to the left of the display, however. In order to mount, I am attaching this to the 5.25" drivecage, which would tuck the right portion of the LCD display area slightly behind the metal frame of the side pannel.

Using a foam-core mockup made from the 1:1 diagram, I've managed to determine that mounting the 634 upsidedown would locate the screen left enough to be seen fully and unobscured, without an unsightly overhang of circuit board on the left of the screen.

Is there any way to get the 634 display to "flip" its text, allowing it to be read normally when mounted upsidedown? I dont see an option like this readily/intuitively avalable in either CC or CC2.
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