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I'm cosidering the purchase of one of your Serial LCD screens for a game console time regulation system in an internet cafe.

Here's a mock interface picture:

As you can see, I'd need a quite a few more than 8 user-defined tiles. Do I HAVE to rework the interface to conform to that?

I'd use one of the Graphic LCDs, but I'm not really familiar with how that would work -- is there a way to hook one of those up to a serial port?

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The "user defined tiles" (we call them "custom characters", the LCD controller calls them "CGRAM") are limited by the LCD controller. If you absolutely need more than 8, the character displays will not work.

Did you look at the entire CGROM? You might be able to use some of its characters:



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Thanks, a few of those look like they might suffice.

I take it that it wouldn't be possible to overwrite some of them though?

Oh, and I called them "User-defined tiles", because I believe that's what it says on the product page :) Sorry if I was using the wrong terminology.
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