Monitoring flow in a water cooled PC


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I recently ordered a 635 with SCAB for my PC project. I intend to use the display to monitor the water cooling aspects of the PC.

I searched the forums and found these threads:

Check out this picture from JC's setup - this would be an excellent solution:

So my questions:

1 - Is the Swissflow SF800 the only flow meter that anyone has got to work with the 635/SCAB/CC2? It's kind of expensive, but if it's the only game in town I'll bite the bullet and get one. Has anyone tried something like this or this?

2 - How do you get the L/M display? There seems to be a gap in the knowledge from the other threads here. The math is simple enough, but CC2 at the time those threads were active couldn't automatically convert the pulses from the flow meter to L/M?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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The Flow Meter PRO Rev3.6 *should* work just fine, based on the info from the web site.

The AC meter is designed to plug directly into an AC Aquaero unit. I *assume* that the meter power in is 12 volts, but I do not know for sure. Contact AC.

Assuming that in both cases, the power requirement is 12 volts, either will work. The PRO pulse rate is 2800 pulse/liters. Simply modify my screen file for this #.

Regarding the AC meter, you will need info on the pulses/liter. Again, you need to contact AC.

Finally, both these meters would be nominally for a "low-flow" system. Using either of these meters in a "high-flow" system may impose a substantial pressure restriction, but that is only a guess.



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JC, you the man! Thank you so much for the reply - I was hoping you'd drop by my thread :)

Out of curiosity, how has your Swissflow been doing? You still using it?

In this thread, anonymous_putterer says his flow meter failed without a filter in place...

I have been having trouble with my flowmeter: it freezes in place.
I get to say 'Doh!' and note that while my flowmeter specs clearly state that the turbine wants water filtered to "< 50 microns" and that I have been saying to myself "50 microns" I have in fact been thinking and using "50 thousands of an inch," a 25 fold error in the real world. Slippage in my brain for oh four or five months now... My little 5 watt Eheim I doubt could push a liter a minute through a 50 micron filter.
Swissflow says:

Because solid particles and/or contaminated medium can damage the sensor or influence the measurements, we advise the use of a filter (20 micron); if necessary these filters can be provided as well.
Still, I could buy two of these for the price of a Swissflow.... Ahh choices :)

I appreciate you taking a look at the links, JC. Any advice you might have is welcome.


The Swissflow meter still works, never varies, is boring, etc.:D

Seriously, it works just fine in my filterless system. Even a 20micron system would be quite restrictive, and nominally unnecessary in a closed loop PC water-cooling system. Change the water ~6 months, use a good additive to keep the bad things out; should work forever.

I have a high-flow Swiftech system, which is why I chose the Swissflow. May be more expensive than the other 2 items, but you are getting industrial quality, and low restriction.



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Hmmm... I'd have to squeeze a tube every once in a while just to see the numbers change :)

You bring up a good point, though I don't think it was intentional hehe. I'm gonna do some more thinking if I want a flow meter at all. If I do, I'll probably go with the Swissflow. I'll let you know and hopefully not too long before I can post some pics to show off the finished project.

Thanks for the advice :)


Well, other than the "neatness" of having of flow meter, it is great insurance for the pump. If the pump fails (or, God forbid, a leak develops which probably means Goodbye PC), CC2 will shut down the PC almost immediately.

Long before a temperature induced shutdown, that is.

And if the flow does start to vary for some reason, it would be time to investigate why...



And 1 final comment. Or perhaps the next to last...;)

The SCAB is just as boring. Once you have it setup and running the way you want, it just sits there doing its job.

Very effectively, tho.:cool:



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I hear ya, and I really am interested in including the flow monitoring. The Swissflow people haven't got back with me yet.

For those people out there where money is no object, check this out:

You can get it with 3/8" barbs standard. The output and tolerances seem to be perfect for a watercooled pc project. But then I called and they quoted me around $240 - I'm not sure of the exact number, as I about had a heart attack :)

Right up until I heard the price, this looked like an excellent alternative for us USA people.

Oh well - back to looking.


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I received a reply from Swissflow.

Thank you for your e-mail and interest in our world wide
patented SwissFlow sensors.
I have enclosed a powerpoint presentation of our sensor.
If you have any questions after reading this presentation,
do not hesitate to contact us.
If you could explain your possible application with our
sensor, we could be able to help or assist you with more
technical information.
If your application is for a PC cooling system, I could pass
your details on to Robin Paijmans, who organizes group buys
for this sector ( to obtain a lower price ) see :

Hope to have served you and hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,

Dirk B.van Wezel
I attached the presentation.

Here's my reply

Hello Dirk, and thanks for the quick reply!

This is indeed for a PC water cooling project and although I am not a reseller, I would be willing to organize a group purchase. Your flow meter is widely regarded in our niche market as the best product available for this application, so I'm sure there is plenty of interest.

There is plenty of information available from other enthusiests who use your flowmeter in a PC water cooling setup, so I don't really have any questions other than pricing. The only additional benefit I could see is some type of fitting to convert the BSP male connectors to NPT or even a barb connector for poly tubing. If you could provide that as well, it would be a complete solution for us in the USA, but if not I am sure we can find this from a different source.

Please feel free to forward my request to Robin Paijmans. I look forward to hearing from her soon.

So my question is this: if I could organize another group purchase with better pricing, would there be any interest from people here?