Modding longer wires on a WRDOWY17 tempsensor


New member

Can someone confirm for me if it would work well to add longer wiring to the WRDOWY17 temperature sensors?

From what I understand, the signals from these sensors are digital, and not analogue, so based on that, I would assume that the lenght of the wire would not affect the accuracy of the temperature reading.

Because, a digital signal does not loose accuracy as the signal weakens, as opposed to a analoge signal.

Can someone comfirm to me that this sensor does indeed use digital signals, and that adding longer wires (within reason), would not cause a problem or inaccuracy? I could use 2-3 metres on some probes to measure temps on equipment I have stashed away behind a drywall (to remove noise).

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CF Tech

Yes, it should be fine. We have tested 32 of our WRDOWY17 cables strung together, which gives something like 15 meters, so 2-3 meters should not be an issue.

Use something with twisted pairs:

pair 1: +5v twisted with ground
pair 2: I/O twisted with ground

(two of the four pairs in some CAT 5 should work fine)