MBM Problems


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Everytime I try to run Crystal Control at the same time as MBM v5.3.3 I get an error messege that says

"Invalid Floating point operation"
One from the Core and the other from settings

Both programs work fine independantly only when both are running is there a problem.

I think i need to change somthing in Crystal control to get this working correctly. I am running the newest versions of Crystal Control and Service.

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It appears that it only happens when the service utility is running. I have that problem also, but if i disable the 644 service daemon MBM works great with CrystalControl.

CF_*, Is there any way for us to give you guys some more info about these errors so that we can get those debugged ??


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I personally had that error with the newest version of MBM and the version previous to it. Right now i am getting ready to perfrom a system reboot to Win 2k i will update the post if i no longer have the problem.

CF Mark

sweede said:
I am running , still get that error.
a post on the mbm forums by the creator reads as.....

Ok, thanks...

Ill email the MBM guy and find out exactly what needs to be done.... the details he gives out for this stuff are a little vague.