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Have just downloaded the latest edition of MBM 5, but now CrystalControl does not see MBM, and I get an E11 error message on my LCD. Just thought i would let everyone know, is this just me or is everyone having this problem, and is there anything i can do to sort it out?


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CF Mark

Thanks... didnt realise it had been released
Will get the new MBM support done ASAP.

BTW... can you remove that image from your sig?
Its rather annoying.
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CF Mark

Itll be done as soon as the MBM programmer gets back to me on a problem ive found... not sure if its MBM or me yet.

CF Tech

V0.94 doesnt support the new MBM.

V0.95 will which i hope should be ready within a few days.


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same prob here

win xp home
and also i got this window pop up it say
"tittle bar --> MBM 5 core

it says "" privilage instruction"

what does that mean ??