Manual For Crystalfont software


New member
Hi there,

Is there any manual or other reference I can use to make my own things in the CrystalControl options?

BTW, the BETA is working fine, but is limited qua options.

Thankx in advance,

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CF Mark

What do you mean by "make my own things in the CrystalControl options" ?

And why is the beta limited?


New member
Under "Available Information" there are Quite less options.

And i'd like to add my own items inthere.

But there's no manual anywhere.
It would make the program a whole lot better, if people could do this and have a reference to fall back to.

As it is almost the only program that looks good, and works with LTP-driven LCD's, I think it would be worthwile for Crystalfontz to do so.

But that's just my opinion.


New member
To make your own options, I think you would have to program in C/C++ or an equal programming language.

Also, I don't think CrystalControl supports modules like that...

CF Mark

Nope it doesnt.

Although if you were eager enough, you could get your own information into CrystalControl by inserting a NT perfmon counter. CrystalControl would then list it.
You could only do this with numbers though... CrystalControl doesnt support perfmon text (nothing uses it anyway).