Looking for ideas/solutions to an external LCD w/ all the options


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Hi everyone.

First of all, let me say that I have owned the Crystalfontz 633 LCD display which worked perfectly however now I am caught on a dilemma. A year ago I upgraded my machine to a slim profile case with two full drive bays. Those drivebays are now filled. I'm now looking into external remedies to fill the gaps of my computer system. The Crystalfontz 633 display I had previously owned had all the features including temp probes, fan control unit and Serial RS232 control. I'm looking at these same features but now in a external LCD form. The one I'm eyeing right now is the XES635BK-TFE-KU. However I still would like to have the temp probe and fan control unit. I've looked into getting one of these http://crystalfontz.com/products/index-acc.html but I'm not sure if that would work. So at this time I'm looking for ideas or solutions to my delimma.

What I want: A LCD display with everything the 633 had
The dilemma: Nowhere to put a LCD display (All the drives are full and I don't plan on cutting a slot for a new one)
What I'm asking: For ideas or solutions that would allow me to have a Crystalfontz display with the bells and whistles
Some ideas: XES635BK-TFE-KU + Accessory board (The board is not compatible with the XES, will it work?)
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I take you do not have empty 3-1/2" bay? If you did, you could hook up a SCAB to a CFA-631.

Assumming that you do not, the next best option might be to purchase a 5-1/4" external enclosure. Plug a CFA-635 into the enclosure, mount the SCAB in the back of box and run the 16" SCAB connector cable between the 635 and the SCAB board.

That should do the trick.


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I have a 635 module and SCAB in a an external DVD case. I shoehorned a 3.5" HD in the back and wired it separately to the 635 and the scab. By leaving the existing electrics for the HD and drilling a hole in the side of the case I got the wires in for the 635 and the scab. As its USB, I can plug in anywhere I wish and attach the probes too-even using one for room temperature. I can have just the 635 module on or both it and the HD too. The HD even has its own cooling fan. The case was £20 at the time. My son liked it so much he went and copied it. :rolleyes:

I may do similar with my 631 as its on a machine with no PSU at the moment. I borrowed it and then their was an electric fault in the neighborhood where the power went extremely low. The PSU continued to work afterward for a week or so until one day their were lovely fireworks from it!


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As jc634 mentioned, if you have a 3 1/2" driver bay (floppy) you could use a CFA631 series module with the SCAB and still have all the functionality of your CFA633 and a few more characters per line to boot!

Currently, our XES635 series external steel case is designed for a very close fit and the header (H1) that the SCAB connects to is not accessible. Using and external "optical" drive controller should work for you in mounting either the CFA633 or the CFA635 with the long (WREXTY15) cable and have the SCAB in your system. The external USB cable (WRUSBY03) will probably be the best bet for you in either case.