Looking for connector


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I have been looking in Digi-key and mouser, and I can not find a connector. I am trying to find the LED backlight connector for CFAG320240CX-TMI-T. I have looked at the datasheet and found that I need "S 3B-X-A-1" or "S 3B-XH-A" connector. I am trying to find just one. please point me where I can find it.
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Digi-Key stocks only the sexier stuff, a lot of imports, but not a general line. Mouser is a "low end" supplier, a bit toward the repair shops and smaller industry - well, they are a big step above Radio Shack, but not fully a commercial supply outfit, although they have been improving in the past 10 years.

You might try Newark ( www.newark.com ) or Allied Electronics (www.AlliedElet.com ). They are closer to full line suppliers. Often they do not list every item that is available from a manufacturer: just too many to list. So, if they don't list it, try an e-mail to their customer service to see if they can special order it. Of course, it may take a few weeks.