Looking for an LCD module..


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Hey guys, I've been lurking around this forum for a while and have had some fun playing around with a white on blue 20x4 LCD module for a while :)

Though now I wouldn't mind playing around with bigger modules. It's been a while since I got back into this and have lost my "web roots" to good sites, but a while back I came across a graphical LCD module that had green on black background.

It looked similar to this:

Except, the background was pretty much pitch black, it had a demo of a 3d graphical cube on it, and the boarder was thick silver (as far as I can remember). It looked pretty sweet and I would LOVE any help I could receive from you guys to track it down.

Thanks in advance!
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CF Support2

You may be thinking of our PLED / OLED modules -

They sound like what you are describing with green on an almost black background. The drawback is that they just can't be had right now due to manufacturing issues. We do have several standard character modules that are "close" with yellow characters and dark blue background:
http://www.crystalfontz.com/products/2004a-color/index.html#CFAH2004AYMIJP - is the 20x4 model that we have.

The CFAG320240 that you referred to is our largest graphics module (also available with a touch screen) and the CFAG320240CX-TTI-T has a black background with white graphics.