Linux Programming and the 631



Hello All!
I am working on a project to allow the 631 to control a application running on a Linux server. I have successfully been able to read the buttons and can update the screen. I am trying to find a reference to explain (beyond that given in the test633 example) the different commands and how to use them from within C. For example, is there a command to display with scrolling? I could write a routine to loop through the data to be displayed and simulate left-right scrolling, but I was hoping for a shorter path. Any other C examples available?

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CF Tech

I have sent you a link by PM that discusses doing the scrolling.

In general, I usually write my C program to have an "image" of the display (just an array of characters the same size as the display, and maybe custom characters too).

Then my main code freely writes to the image and every once in a while (10 or 20 times a second) and updates the real display with the image.


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631, c and linux

after successfully supporting the 631 display from within my audio-jukebox, motly written in c++, the way it is described in the test_631 demo, and also being able to set my custom boot-message, i am interested in writing custom characters, scrolling and setting brightness/contrast from within my app. please send me the the code-samples and the command-codes for adjusting brightness/contrast.