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I've a question:

my linux-box has a 2.4.32 kernel without source libs, modules, kernel etc.
I want the ftdi_sio.o and usbserial.o module precompiled for this kernel to support an USB 635 module.

Does anyone have this modules?

I'm writing an application in C that check some system info, in this working version I use a Milinst LCD serial, that works very fine, but this USB LCD modules from Crystalfontz are the best that I found!

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Linux kernel versions 2.4.23 and later should all have the ftdi_sio driver built in, and hence should support the 635 display.

Have you tried running the 635 linux demo code we provide here:

Also, as IanB asked, which linux distro are you using? Are you trying to talk to the 635 using it's packet based communication?

If it turns out that you do need the ftdi_sio drivers, you can find them here:

Please try and give as much information about your configuration and what you're attempting to do and we can go from there.


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Well, I've my home server with RedHat AS3 (kernel 2.4.30..)
used as webserver and for compile source C test programs;
my 635 LCD work on a SmootWall Express 2.0 distribution (a simple firewall) with kernel 2.4.2x that I've upgraded to 2.4.32.
I found this module and forced in the kernel with the command 'insmod -f' and the USB 635LCD now work.

I'm writing an application in C and now work too!!!!

This modules are fantastic!

I've used the latest CVS source version of LCD4Linux and work too!!! (I've compiled it on my RedHat server).

Thanks a lot!

(sorry for my bad english):cool:

Angel from Italy

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I'm glad to hear that everything is working ok now! :)

Please feel free to post if you have any more questions.