Linked LCD Displays


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Hi all,

Is there a way to connect several LCD displays linked one each other sharing the same COM port?

I need to hook up at least 120 LCD displays with the same COM port.

I was using another system that can do this adding an address to each display, but I'm not sure if CrystalFontz support this in any range of your products.

I'm waiting for this info to complete the purchase order.

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CF Tech

Thank you for your post.

We do not have a good solution to link displays like you are requesting. We would have to create some hardware to allow it.


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In that particular case, do you know how many COM ports can MS Windows handle?

Because if we can handle around 30 ports it could be a start for starting development using your solution.

Thanks for your pomptly response!


CF Support2

Using "virtual" Com ports, such as what our USB drivers create, I have COM ports up into the 70's on my system. As for working with that many ports at once, I have not personally attempted. If Windows can assign and see that many Com ports -- logically it should be able to programatically communicate with 30 at the same time.


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I really appreciate your help and support for this.

We will discuss it with the development team tomorrow and give you a response on how are we going to take this project to work!

Thank you very much.