Lexmark X75 USB printer & 634 USB


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I've finaly found the reason my 634 USB display wont display the crystal fontz info. It's because of my Lexmark X75 USB printer.

Heres the scoop.

I've formated and reinstalled windows xp pro and have had my lcd working great for quite some time now. Then i needed to print a document out. So i had to connect the printer and install the drivers (i got the new ones off of the internet). LO and behold. My lcd stoped working and gave me the same old "INT of com3 Failed The module will be disabled until it is reconfigured.

I've had this problem for quite some time in the past and yes the printer was installed then. So it seams that one of the two has a problem.
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CF Mark

Well that is very weird.

Did you make sure that the LCD's com port number hadn't changed in the device manager?


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yes the comport is still set to com3.

com port number COM3

receive bytes: 4096
transmit bytes: 4096

latency timer msec: 16

minimum reat timeout mscs: 0
minimum write timeout mscs: 0

serial enumerator: on
serial printer: off
cancel if power off: off
event on surprise removal: off
set rts on close: off

bits per second: 19200
data bits: 8
parity: none
stop bits: 1
flow control: none

The only thing for the printer in the device manager is:

under universal serial bus controllers - USB Printing Support

Under Imaging devices - Lexmark X74-X75

The only tabs under properties for both of the two above is - General and Driver.

I dont know what port the printer is working on.