LCDs for LCD noobs


New member
Just got my 631 installed today. And being an LCD noob I was very impressed with the ease of use.

CC 1.07, was easy enough to set up. Ive got several screens set up already. And I still have loads of other things to play with.

This is definetly the display for the noobies like myself. A great way to get started.

Great work CF!!!!
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I'm really new at this. But i'm very keen on learning this stuff quick.

I'm a 3rd yr computer engineering student and have done tons of projects with digital analog interfacing.

I'm just looking for some direction, some kind of a start where I could learn something..

I found ur msg as a starting point. But neway, i'm willing to purchase equipment etc.

I know this msg is very vague. Please help! i'd REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks all