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Make sure you have chosen the right baudrate (see LCD and it's setted DIP-settings).

They have to match (LCD and LCDriver).


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I have choosen 9600baud on all settings i can find for com1 and for the LCDriver...

But the Wintest 2.0 opens the port in 19200baud then it works...

but with the LCDriver can only use up to 9600baud

? have no clue

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Please set the display to 9600 baud.

There are two small switches on the back of the LCD. There is also a table that indicates how the switches affect the baud rate. Please set the switches to match your software (or the software to match the switches :))

The display will show the selected baud rate for a few seconds at power up, unless you have changed the boot screen or closed JPK.


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works a little better now

but if i run the test with LCDriver i get a blank display...
with the backlight on, and its setup to work on 9600baud

but Wintest 2.0 works fine in 9600 baud

Many questions...rookie of the year award :)