LCDriver S/ware help!!!!!


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hey guys,

im just a newbie starting to explore some mods and needs your help plssss

does anyone of you here still have the LCDriver software by Uller before?

i tried to d/l it thru its link but no dice man.

pls pls pls bros help me !!

can point me to some link or better yet can some kind soul pls spare me a copy ?

here is my addy ,

thanx in advance bros:)
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CF Tech

LCDriver was cool in its time, but there are lots of lots better programs out there. Is there a specific reason you need LCDriver?

What LCD do you have?


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hi bro

im using a natrium tech lcd panel (HD44780)20x4 display

i can not find a driver for it,i remember i used the LCDriver s/ware to set the BAud rate,the port it uses and the the no.of columns and rows for my lcd.

i was able to set it up on my prev rig but now that i waas using my newer(?)rig i cant seem to set it up properly

i tried a lot of s/ware /drivers but it seems that i am not doing it correctly or it does no work at all,the display just shows some garbled messages like the whole display shows a whole string of @@@@ strings for the whole 20x4 lines.

or when i tried some s/wares it shows some letters and numbers on random position!

help pls bro

its using a 9 pin connector so i assuming its a serial connection ?sorry iseem to be confuse between the 2!haiizzz

help plz:confused: