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How come when i use this
in lcd center all i see is the letter

evertyhing else i use to display works fine.

i find this a little disturbing since i like to use it =P

and info is appreciated...

ohh... im using CF'z 634 serial Backlit
Hopefully ill post some pics as soon as i get my **** digi camera from borther..
( one sweat love from the LCD kings at CrystalFontz )
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CF Tech

The CGROM for the v2.0 serial displays is an enhanced version with many more useful characters: numeric superscripts, icons, mathematical symbols, some fractions, a great variety of arrows, many currency symbols, and more.

The "@" is at 160.

There is a page showing the CGROM for the v2.0 serial displays here:

That page also includes a link to a high-resolution PDF version that will print nicely:

The 634's full data sheet (783K) also has a copy of the character set in Appendix B: CGROM and instructions for accessing all of the CGROM's characters.